Justice of the Peace Precints in Travis County

There are five Justice of the Peace Precints in Travis County, with the central most Precint, JP5, located in Downtown Austin.

Justice of the Peace Courts assist the County and District Courts by handling reductions and Class C filings that are part of more serious cases. Often, if a case will be reduced to a lesser charge, such as a Class C offense, that reduction will take place in JP5.

Class C tickets also can originate in JP5, most commonly Public Intoxication, Minor in Possession of Alcohol or Consumption, PDP, and Assaults.

JP5 plays a substantial role in 'walkthroughs,' the process by which a person can clear an active warrant. If you have an active warrant, do not try to resolve the warrant on your own, and do not merely show up to turn yourself in. Call us for a Free Consultation on how to stay out of jail and clear your active arrest warrant.

JP5 is located in the civil courthouse, which is across a courtyard from the Blackwell-Thurman Justice Center, which is the criminal courthouse in Travis County.

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