Hays County Court

The Hays County Courthouse, also called the Hays County Government Center, is located on Stagecoach Rd, which is a small street on RR12 in San Marcos, a block off of the RR12 exit on I-35.

Both Misdemeanors (Class A, B) as well as Felony cases are heard at the Hays County Courthouse. Misdemeanors are handled in County Court at Law #1 and #2, and there are several District Courts for Felony arrests. The Hays County District Attorney prosecutes all cases, both misdemeanor and felony.

The Hays County Justice of the Peace is also located at the Hays County Courthouse, which assists the County and District Courts with Class C offenses, punishable only by fines up to $500.

Typical cases at the Hays County Courthouse can range from Thefts, Assaults, Family Assaults, and Possession of Marijuana, up to more serious crimes such as POCS and Felony cases like Robbery and Family Assault.

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