Austin Municipal Court

The Austin Municipal Court is located in downtown Austin, on 7th street near I-35. See the map to the left for detailed driving directions to the Austin Municipal Court. The Municipal Court is a city run court, meaning that only Class C tickets and cases that occurred within the City limits of Austin will be set there.

The Austin Municipal Court is where tickets and Class C Misdemeanor cases are prosecuted. The prosecuting agency is not the Travis County District Attorney's Office, but instead the City of Austin Attorney's Office.

Typical cases at the Austin Municipal Court include traffic tickets, Public Intoxication, Underage Drinking, Public Urination, Class C Thefts and Shoplifting, Possession of Drug Paraphrenalia (PDP), Driving without a License or on an Invalid or Suspended License, and Class C Assaults.

The Law Office of Robert Keates offers Free Consultations on cases at the Austin Municipal Courts, although at the moment we are not taking traffic ticket cases, unless it involved a suspended license.

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