Legal Fee Payments

Payment Options

For convenience, we offer the following options for payment. PLease keep in mind that Office Staff cannot accept credit or debit card payments -- those can be made online or with Robert only. Office staff CAN accept drop off payments (checks, money orders, etc...)

By Phone Options

Pay by Phone

5% Fee Added

No Account Needed! (Processed by Square)

Payments with a credit or debit card by phone.


Online Options


Adds 3.5% Fee. No Account Needed!

Legal Fees
Client's Name

Chase Quickpay

No Fee Added

Account may be Needed

Payments via Chase Quickpay can be made to:

More Information

Google Wallet

Pay using Google Wallet

Free if funded from Bank Account; 3% if funded by Card. Account May be Needed

Payments via Google Checkout or Wallet can be made to:

More Information


No Fees! Venmo Account Needed.

Payments can be made to: Robert-Keates

More Information

Request Invoice Email

Receive an email invoice
and Pay by credit or debit card

4% Fee Added. No Account Needed!

Please Email Us the Amount you wish to Pay

Email Us

Keates Law Firm Checkout

Pay via Ecwid Shopping Cart (Secure)

4% Fee, no account needed.

Pay Now

Amazon Pay (with ApplePay)

Need an Amazon Account

ACH Bank Payment

Pay directly from your Bank.

2% Fee, Email Us for Invoice.


In-Person Options

Please note, office staff cannot accept Credit or Debit card payments.

Mail or Drop at Office

Checks, Money Orders, Cash

Keates Law Firm
700 Lavaca St., #1400
Austin TX 78701


In Person Credit/Debit Card

5% Fee Added

No Account Needed! (Processed by Square)

Card Swipe/Reader - Only with Robert in person.

Text Robert

Need Help?

Call or Email Us with your Questions!

We accept personal checks, money orders, cashsier's checks!

We cannot accept credit or debit cards at the office; ONLY online is acceptable.

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