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There are hundreds of reasons that a person might end up in jail, but in Travis County, there are only a handful of ways to get out of jail. The likelihood of getting out depends on a variety of factors, from the offense type, the person's history both in the community as well prior offenses, and input from the police, pretrial services, attorneys, and Judge.

If a person is already in jail, there are three main methods to get out of jail in Travis County: Personal Bond, Surety Bond, and Percentage Bonds. There are other alternatives, such as a Cash Bond (putting up the full bond amount with the court) as well, but they are not as common.

If a person is out of jail, but has an arrest warrant, then there is an alternative to self-surrender, called a Walkthrough. A walkthrough is a method of clearing an arrest warrant and getting the case on the docket without going to jail.

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What you Need to know

There is a difference in a Jail Releases and Walkthroughs. Mainly, a Jail Release. is a procedure where an Attorney obtains a personal bond for a person that was just arrested or is currently in jail. The key to a jail release being that the person is already in jail. During the Jail Release process, we talk to the Judge about releasing a person on a Personal Bond (PR Bond). It is an alternative to traditional bail bond companies, and can be cheaper and sometimes faster. There are benefits to both, so read more on the Jail Release page for more info.

Conversely, a Walkthrough is where an Attorney helps a person recall a warrant before they are actually in jail.

Legislative Update 2021: Senate Bill 6 Passed. Senate Bill 6, passed in the legislature in 2021, drastically altered the availability of personal bonds in the criminal justice system. As a reminder, a personal bond is a release from jail by the court without needing to pay for it. Senate Bill 6, specifically Art. A17.027, mainly prohibits a new Judge from releasing a person on a personal bond if that person was re-arrested while out on bond for certain offenses. In other words, a situation where a person was already released on bond, and that case is still pending -- and then they are arrested on a new (usually violent) charge. In that situation, the original Judge (the one presiding over the first arrest) has control over personal bonds, to an extent. This is a newly evolving statute and law, and only certain offenses apply, so call us if you or your loved one has been either re-arrested or has a warrant while already on bond with a pending case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to get out of jail in Austin Texas?
Bond amount varies, but a person can be expected to pay roughly 10% of the total bonds in order to be released from jail. Each offense type carries with it a different amount of bond, and even two people charged with same offense may have different bond amounts, depending on a variety of items (such as prior record, flight risks, stability in the community, and other factors. To be released on bond, an individual must either have a personal bond approved by a Judge (via a Lawyer), post a bail bond through a company, or deposit the full bond amount in cash.

What is a Jail Release?
Jail Release is where an Attorney talks to a Judge about releasing a person on a Personal Bond (PR Bond). It is an alternative to traditional bail bond companies, and can be cheaper and sometimes faster.

Are Jail Releases better than Posting Bail?
Bail bond companies are great, but they charge a percentage of the bond for their fee -- and you don't get it back. When you go through an attorney for a jail release, the money you pay for the jail release is actually a deposit on representation. That means you're paying one fee for both a deposit on hiring an attorney and also to get out of jail. Also, 'jail release' historically only referred to DWI pre-magistration releases, however now the term is often used interchangeably with bond.

How Can I Clear a Warrant without going to Jail?
A walkthrough is a procedure where an attorney talks to a Judge ahead of time to secure a bond, most typically a personal release bond. With bond in hand, the attorney meets the person at the courthouse, and they go through a shortened booking process. You do NOT go to jail. Instead, the attorney stays with you while the warrant is cleared, usually on the first floor of the courthouse itself.

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