Austin Downtown Community Court

The Austin Downtown Community Court is located in Austin on 6th street, a block from I-35 on the west side. The Downtown Community Court is an extension of the Austin Municipal Court in that it handles only Class C offenses, which are punishable by fine up to $500.

The Austin Downtown Community Court handled offenses, tickets, and criminal cases that occur within a specific are of Austin. Other Class C cases are handled at the Austin Municipal Court or one of the Justice of the Peace Courts in Travis County.

The most common types of cases handled at the Austin Downtown Community Court are the typical offenses in a metropolitan tourist area; Public Intoxication, Minor in Consumption or Underage Drinking, Fake ID / Misrepresentation of Age, Theft, Trespassing, Property damage, Assaults, and Public Urination.

Also common at the Austin Downtown Community Court are Illegal Camping, Solititation (of money/funds), Open Container, and other assorted offenses that might occur on 6th Street.

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