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License Suspension for Possession of Marijuana in Travis County

Driver's License Suspensions & Possession of Marijuana

Is there a chance my Texas Driver's License might be suspended if I have a POM Possession of marijuana arrest or citation?


Yes, the chance is very great. If convicted on a POM Possession of Marijuana case, or any drug related offense, Texas DPS will suspend your Driver's License for six months. That's upon Conviction only, so if we are able to help you avoid a conviction (BY GETTING YOUR CASE DISMISSED), then you would not have the 6-month Texas Driver's License Suspension.

Likewise, upon Conviction, Texas DPS will issue a 3-year DPS Surcharge, which will cost you upwards of $250 a year for the following three years.

Lastly, the 6-months DPS Driver's License suspension will remain in effect -- even beyond the six month license suspension -- unless you complete the DOEP Class (15 hour Drug Education Class) which is $90 (in 2015).

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