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My Texas Driver's License is suspended, and I have no idea how to clear it. Can you help me clear my license?


The DPS Driver's License system can be overwhelming. Licenses can be suspended and held for many reasons, most with little warning and few instructions on how to fix the issue.

We Can Help!

We can navigate the channels of the DPS system and figure out why your license is suspended. We can locate, write, and file the appropriate forms to either clear your suspensions (if possible) or help you drive legally during the suspension with an Occupational License. Keep in mind that lawyers cannot shorten a valid suspension that is already in effect and beyond the hearing or appeal deadlines.

Often, clearing your licenses can require high surcharge and reinstatement payments directly to DPS and the State of Texas. That's why we keep out flat rate low and affordable. Plus, while we're researching the cause of your suspension, we can petition the court for a Temporary Occupational Driver's License.

***You may be able to drive legally on an occupational license, even if you owe thousands of dollars in surcharges. ***

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