Public Intoxication & Driver's License Suspensions

Austin's Alcohol Laws

Will I Lose my License from an Alcohol Offense?

Will I Lose My Driver's License For My Alcohol Related Arrest Or Drunk In Public Arrest?


There is a risk of having your Driver's License Suspended with a alcohol related arrest, especially if the arrested person is under 21 years of age and considered an minor.

Upon arrest and subsequent plea bargaining with the court and the district attorney, a minor arrested for an alcohol related arrest may be required to attend an Alcohol Awareness Course in order to retain or obtain a Driver's License and avoid any subsequent Driver's License Suspensions. This is true even if the minor does not currently possess a Driver's License.

If the defendant does not present the required proof of completion of the Alcohol Awareness Course within the prescribed period (typically three months), the court shall order the Department of Public Safety to suspend the defendant's driver's license or permit for a period not to exceed six months or, if the defendant does not have a license or permit, to deny the issuance of a license or permit to the defendant for that period.

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