Effects of a Theft Conviction

Effects of a Theft Conviction in Travis County

What are the Effects of a Theft Conviction

Can Conviction of a Theft Related Offense and Theft Crime have an effect on my job, licensing, or profession?


In short, yes, Conviction of a Theft Related Offense and Theft Crime can have an effect on your job, especially if your profession requires state certification, licensing, or special credentials.

Consider the wording of TITLE 22 EXAMINING BOARDS, PART 22 TEXAS STATE BOARD OF PUBLIC ACCOUNTANCY, CHAPTER 519 PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE, SUBCHAPTER A GENERAL PROVISIONS, RULE ??519.7 Misdemeanors that Subject a Certificate or Registration Holder to Discipline by the Board:

"Because a certificate or registration holder is often placed in a position of trust with respect to client funds, and the public in general, and the business community in particular, rely on the veracity, integrity and honesty of certificate or registration holders in the preparation of reports and provision of other accounting services, the board considers conviction or placement on deferred adjudication, deferred prosecution, withheld adjudication or community supervision for any crime involving dishonesty or fraud to relate directly to the practice of public accountancy and may subject the certificate or registration holder to discipline by the board."

This is true for Professions that rely on State credentials, licensing, registration, and other state or board approval, including Lawyers, Teachers, Accountants, Nurses and Doctors, certain trustees and board members, as well as other professions. Conviction of a Crime of Moral Turpitude may result in an administrative hearing on whether the conviction will cause loss of licensing.

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