Travis County Marijuana Law

Travis County Marijuana Law for Travis County

Can I legally carry under an Ounce of Marijuana?

As the law stands now, it is illegal to possess even small amounts of marijuana, even for personal use.

Can I stay out of jail if I'm arrested with marijuana?

If you have been arrested for Possessing Marijuana in an amount less than 2 ounces, and it is your first arrest, there is a good chance we may work out a deal or in some instances even have the case dismissed in exchange for agreeing to drug diversion or drug programs and community service. Typically in the above type of plea barging arrangements, if an individual remains free from violations or new arrests during a set period of time, the case may be dismissed.

What if I give my friend a small bag of Marijuana? Can I be charged with Sales or Delivery?

Yes, under Texas Marijuana Law, there is a separate area for giving away small amounts, specifically as a Class B misdemeanor for giving away without receiving a payment a ?? ounce or less of marijuana, which carries a punishment of up to 180 days in a county jail.

Can I be charged with having seeds or a leaf from the Marijuana Plant?

While only the dried flowers from a marijuana plant can be smoked, the law disallows possessing any part of the plant, living or not. Marijuana is defined as any Cannabis sativa plant, seeds, and any preparation of the plant, which may include items like a joint or a container of drying but not yet processed flower buds.

Marijuana Reform - Texas News and Marijuana Reform & Legalization Movement

Marijuana De-criminalization has been progressing across the United States for the last couple of years. In many states, carrying under an ounce of Marijuana for personal use will get you, at most, a $100 fine, as states that have decriminalized marijuana do not punish with jail time. But in most Counties in Texas, you could face probation and jail time.

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Licenses & Permits in Austin Texas.

Currently, Texas no Medical Marijuana Licenses or Permits available. We have a detailed overview of Medical Marijuana Prescriptions and Federal Marijuana Law on our Law Office Blog.

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