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DWI Terms

Common DWI terms, such as BAC, line hugging, and retrograde extrapolation

DWI Defenses

Problems with mouth alcohol, absence of slope detectors, and retrograde extrapolation

Walkthrough of a Typical DWI Stop & Arrest

From traffic stop to arrest and FSTs

DWI Sobriety Field Tests (FSTs) & Physiological DWI Tests

Walk the line, stand and count, nose touch, Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus and why do officers shine a light in my eyes?

DMV License Suspension after DWI

Will the DMV Suspend my driver's license, and how to prevent suspension

How a Breathalyzer Works

Mechanisms and science behind breathalyzer models

Explaining Blood Alcohol Levels (BAC)

What does the .08% BAC mean? How many drinks is that?

Common DWI Questions & FAQ

Should I take a blood test or blood? What if I refuse the breath test? Do they have to dismiss my case? Can I be arrested after drinking one beer, or arrested with a bac lower than .08%?

Travis County & Texas DWI Statistics, Studies and Research

DWI Statistics, studies, and DWI research county by county in Texas

Punishments for a Texas DWI Offense

Find out about potential penalties and punishments on DWI 1, DWI 2 and DWI 3.

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