First Court Date Guide (Arraignment)

Travis County Arraignments

What happens at my first court date? (Arraignment)

Your first court date, whether you're in jail or out of custody, is called the arraignment, and is typically noted as being on the Announcement Docket in Travis County.

For Felony cases in Travis County, the arraignment is often delayed, potentially for months, while awaiting Indictment and Discovery. Despite the clear legislative intent recorded on the Michael Moore Act, and despite the unambiguous language of the actual statute, the District Attorney's Office will not release any discovery until the case has been indicted.

If you are charged with a Misdemeanor, most likely you will be arraigned in a County Court; conversely, District courts have original jurisdiction in all felony criminal cases, so an arraignment on felony charges or felony arrests would take place in the District Court.

Three main things will happen at arraignment. First, the court will confirm your identity; second, the court will inform you of the charges pending, and; third, the court will ask how you plead (guilty or not guilty).

Often on most Misdemeanors, we can appear for you for the majority of court appearances, allowing you to avoid taking days off from work, or missing school classes. Contact us to see if we can help keep your life intact while dealing with a criminal charge.

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