Failure to Maintain Liability Insurance

Failure to Maintain Liability Insurance

Failure to Maintain Liability Insurance is an offense that forbids a person from driving a vehicle without insurance. These cases are often cut and dry -- either the insurance carrier can provide proof that a person was insured at the time of driving, or not.

Severe penalties, in terms of Class C Misdemeanors, have come into effect over the past several years, with the legislative aim of reducing the number of uninsured drivers. Many cities and counties in Texas will limit negotiations on Failure to Maintain Liability Insurance cases, possibly making it difficult to obtain dismissals.

What You Need to Know

Obtaining Insurance as soon as possible should be priority after receiving a Failure to Maintain Liability Insurance ticket. Both Judges and porsecutors will want the person to be insured, and having insurance -- even if it was not valid at the time of the ticket -- is a great step toward possibly avoiding a conviction.

No Isurance tickets are Class C Misdemeanors, and look just like a speeding ticket. That may cause some people to believe they can just pay the fine and move on -- but that would be a bad decision! Paying (pleading to a) Failure to Maintain Liability Insurance will suspend your driver's license for two years. That means a person will pay a large amount of money to the court, and then end up needing to pay more money to DPS and attorneys (and the court!) to obtain an Occupational License, so the person can legally drive for two years during the suspension.

Also keep in mind that a person with a prior conviction for Failure to Maintain Liability Insurance will be considered a repeat offender for subsequent for Failure to Maintain Liability Insurance cases, with increased fines and limited options.

Defenses for Failure to Maintain Liability Insurance

Defenses for Failure to Maintain Liability Insurance are few and far between. If there was no insurance at the time of the ticket/driving, excuses just don't work. A person would be better off either self-negotiating with the prosecutors and court, or hiring an attorney to seek a negotiated dismissal and avoid the two year suspension and heavy fines.

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Work with an Experienced Failure to Maintain Liability Insurance Attorney

Hiring the right attorney from the beginning is important. Poor legal decisions will have a negative effect upon the case as it progresses. The Keates Law Firm has over 16+ Years Experience handling Failure to Maintain Liability Insurance cases. Our focus is to try and have the case dismissed against you. We don't even discuss pleas until all legal and negotiation options have been explored in detail.

How We Can Help

Your goal should be Dismissal for any Class C ticket. While not every case can be dismissed, there are some way to negotiate a dismissal that still will avoid any suspensions and hefty fees. Keates Law Firm has experience with all of the municipal Courts and Justice of the Peace Courts in Travis County, and can help.

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