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Occupational Driver's License Drive Legally in Days!

1. Determining Your Driver's License Suspension.

The first step to obtaining an Occupational License is to know why your Texas Driver's License has been suspended in the first place. Certian types of suspensions require different remedies and documents to obtain an Occupational License.

You'll also want to know how long your suspension is for, since Occupational Licenses are only valid for up to two years (although we can extend it, if needed).

We can usually give you a pretty good idea over the phone as to what you may need to start driving legally, but you can also check with Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to be certain, by calling DPS directly at 512-424-2600, or by visiting https://txapps.texas.gov/txapp/txdps/dlreinstatement/login.do

2. Next, you'll want to figure out how you want to use your Occupational License.

You can use an Occupational License for up to 12 hours per day, 7 days a week, but only to go 1) to and from work, 2) to drive during your job, if your employer requires it, 3) to and from school or classes, and 4) for daily household chores and duties, such as driving to the bank, landuromat, doctor's office, grocery shopping, daycare, children's school for pickup and dropoff, emergencies, and other required trips that you may do on a regular basis.

In addition to the locations and times above, an Occupational Driver's License also restricted the Counties in which you can drive. DPS requires each County within Texas that you drive in to be specifically listed on the Occupational License, so it's important to determine where you'll need to drive.

3. Gather Your Documents and get SR22 Insurance.

An Occupational License typically takes about a week to obtain through our office, although we have obtained Occupational Licenses for some clients the very next day. The faster you can gather the required items necessary to obtain an Occupational License, the faster we can set the hearing and get you driving legally.

So what do you need ahead of time? Before we can get into Court, you'll need to gather a few things that we can take to the hearing and show to the Judge. You do not need to be present at the hearing, unless you've had multiple DWIs or unless someone (Prosecutor or DPS) is contesting the Occupational License. So, what do you need? We've listed the most common items below, but CALL US since certian Counties require different documents (so you might not need to gather all of these):

SR22 Auto Insurance:

SR22 is a state-wide insurance component that is added to your normal insurance. All SR22 does is mandates that your insurance carrier notifies DPS if you lapse in the policy, meaning if you don't pay. SR22 insurance is the only insurance accepted for Occupational Licenses in Texas;

Driving Record:

You'll need your driving record from DPS;

Letter from Employer or School Schedule/Enrollment:

You'll need proof that you need to drive for work or school, in the form of a letter, or a paystub or direct deposit slip;

Signed Petition for an Occupational Driver's License:

We research and write the Petition, and get it to you for signature. We can do this in person, or electronically through email or fax.

4. Fees:

How Much Will an Occupational License Cost You? We offer low, competitive rates for Occupational Licenses, and can get you driving without you ever stepping into the Courtroom. So how much will an Occupational License cost? There are a few different costs associated with an Occupational License:

Attorney's Fees:

Call us for a Free Consultation and Quote, and we can currently offer, through paypal, no interest financing with no payments for six months. See the banner logo at the top right of this page.

County Filing Fees:

Travis County charges approximatly $250 to file an Occupational License with the County Clerk. All Occupational Licenses must be filed with the Clerk, and certified. There is a Filing Fee Waiver (subjkect to approval by the Judge) that might allow the Filing Fee to be waived, if your income is at or below the Travis County poverty line.

DPS Reinstatement Fees: Reinstatement Fees vary from person to person, depending on the driving record and type of suspension. As a general rule, the reinstatement fee is $100, or $125 after a DWI. More tickets leading to a suspension means more Reinstatement Fees. You can check your Reinstatement Fees through DPS, by calling DPS directly at 512-424-2600, or by visiting their website, https://txapps.texas.gov/txapp/txdps/dlreinstatement/login.do.

DPS Occupational License Fee: This is a $10 per year fee paid to DPS.

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