Suspended Licenses, DWLI

What is Driving While License Invalid or Suspended?

(DWLI/DWLS) Driving While License Invalid or Suspended is a criminal offense charged when an individual drives a motor vehicle at a time when their Driver' License is either invalid or suspended. The suspension can be the result of any violation of DPS's administrative rules; too many points, unpaid surcharges, failures to appear, unpaid tickets, and driving record convictions.

The most common DWLI or DWLS is when a person pays a series of past due tickets, just so they can renew their driver's licenses. This is typically the advice given by DPS when the individual is attempting to renew their driver's license, but by paying the tickets, a conviction for the offense is listed on the person's record.

Why you should NOT Plea or Pay Ticket!

The fine is just a small part of the punishment associated with a DWLI ticket or case. The real punishment is added surcharges, reinstatement fees, and additional suspensions of your driver's license. If convicted of a DWLI or DWLS, your license will be suspended both adminstratively by DPS and due to the Conviction, between 6 months up to 2 years. You'll be subject to three years of Surcharge payments to DPS in addition to the Court costs and fines, which generally is over a $1,000.

Most people come to the conclusion that they can avoid the surcharges and suspensions if they instead spend that money -- often less -- on an attorney.

This conviction does two main thing: gives the driver 'points' on their driving record, and also may carry with it a mandatory administrative suspension (if the offense is one of the many tickets that will cause a suspension, such as No Insurance, Failure to Maintain Financial Information, Expired Registration, and many more).

Types of Suspensions that will cause a DWLI?

Too many points or unpaid surcharges are the most common reasons for suspensions, however certian tickets will cause a suspension as well, including Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility (No Insurance).

DWI's will cause a suspension of a Texas Driver's License, between 90 days and 1 year. This is true for DWI, DWi with an Open container, and DWI with a BAC greater than .15%. If the DWI defendant is under 21 years old, it will be a 1 year suspension; if the DWI is controlled substance/drug related, and not alcohol, the minimum suspension is 180 days, or six months.

A 2nd DWI will cause a suspension between 6 months and 2 years, but if the first DWI was within five years of the second, the minimum suspension increases to 1 year.

Underage Alcohol offenses, if ending in a conviction, will cause a License Suspension. Also, drug convictions for both adults and minors (including Marijuana/POM) will cause a 180 day suspension of a Texas Driver's License, which will not be reinstated ever unless the offender completes the 15 hour DOEP class.

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(a) A person commits an offense if the person operates a motor vehicle on a highway: (1) after the person's driver's license has been canceled under this chapter if the person does not have a license that was subsequently issued under this chapter; (2) during a period that the person's driver's license or privilege is suspended or revoked under any law of this state; (3) while the person's driver's license is expired if the license expired during a period of suspension;

What are the Punishments?

Punishments for a DWLI or DWLS are generally fines and court costs; rarely in Austin does a Suspended License ticket result in jail time or probation, especially if you have an attorney who can help you get a valid license or Occupational License.

Penalties for Driving While License Invalid
Level of Offense Punishment
Class C Misdemeanor Not Jailable, No more than $500 fines
Class B Misdemeanor Not more than 180 days in a county jail, and/or no more than $2,000 fines
Class A Misdemeanor Not more than 1 year in a county jail, and/or no more than $4,000 fines

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