Assault and Related Offenses

Assault offenses in Texas are mainly categorized under Penal Code section 22. Multiple penal code sections address the basic element of assault, which is either an unwanted (or offensive) touching -- or causing injury to a person. The 'person' who has been assaulted matters greatly, since assaults are differentiated based on whether it's a family member, significant other, a stranger, or an officer or elderly person.

Thus, the most basic assaultive offense, Assault, is just one offense under this category. There is also Assault Causes Bodily Injury Family Violence. as well as the felony Assault by Strangulation.

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See our List of Assault Offenses below:

Assaults in Travis County are one of the focuses for prosecutors; they are heavily prosecuted and reluctantly dismissed. If officers can't decide who may have started the fight, often the person with visible marks gets taken to jail. So it's important to hire an attorney quickly, to try and preserve evidence for the defense. This could be photos the officer didn't take, or talking to witnesses that either saw the incident or are familiar with the people involved. Usually, assaults (especially family assault cases) involve a large amount of investigation into the family, any family law proceedings in the past (or pending) and reviewing any prior law enforcement contacts for all parties involved.

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