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We may, from time to time, send an email to you after the case has concluded. You may opt out of the emails with a simple "unsubscribe" button at the bottom of the email -- or just contact Robert or staff with your request. Most prior clients find the emails useful and interesting, and they commonly include new laws that effect your old case, changes in relevent Travis County issues that may benefit you, and general legal matters that might affect your situation, such as Expunctions.

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Notice of Gov. Code Sec. 81.079

Notices About Payments (See Clause in your Agreement!)

This applies once you hire us. Please refer to your Agreement for Representation.

Notices on Debt, Past Due Balances, & Collections

PAYMENTS: Payment amounts and due dates are listed in Sections 1-5. If an overdue fee is not paid within 15 days after its due date, the Firm may withdraw immediately from the case. If payment plan installment is past due by 15 days, Firm may withdraw payment plan and require full fee be paid; upon failure of which Firm may withdraw immediately from the case. If Client terminates this agreement for any reason, any fees paid shall be deemed as earned by the Firm based on actual work and/or to ensure Firm???s availability on Clients matter.

BREACH OF CONTRACT & NONPAYMENT: In the event Client fails to pay the balance owed to Firm, Client understands that Firm has a right to pursue collection remedies by either filing a lawsuit or by turning the account receivable over to a collection agency. Rule 1.05 of the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct protects Client???s confidential information received by Firm, but Client consents and authorizes Firm to reveal confidential information to a collection agency or another law firm for the purpose of Firm collecting fees owed by Client to Firm.

The above can also be found on your Agreement for Representation