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An arrest warrant can be devastating to your life. Some people are arrested at work, at home, or during a traffic stop. The best way to avoid this is to clear the warrant ahead of time by doing a "walkthrough." And you can do this without going to jail. We can help you try to clear the warrant and get your case back on the docket. So can a bail bond company, but here's the difference: the attorney fee to do a walkthrough becomes the deposit on legal representation, where the fees of bond or a bail bond company are nonrefundable. So by using an attorney to clear a warrant, you're saving at least $350-500+ right off the bat.

How to Clear a Warrant without going to Jail

How do you recall a warrant without going to jail? The answer is a 'Walkthrough'. A walkthrough is a procedure where an attorney talks to a Judge ahead of time to secure a bond, most typically a personal release bond. With bond in hand, the attorney meets the person at the courthouse, and they go through a shortened booking process. You do NOT go to jail. Instead, the attorney stays with you while the warrant is cleared, usually on the first floor of the courthouse itself.

walkthroughs and Booking

The booking process is where law enforcement verified your personal info, court info, and takes booking photos and fingerprints. A walkthrough is conducted on the first floor of the courthouse -- as opposed to the jail. A common exception to that is for cases involving stay away orders or protective orders. Call us if your case involves that. Otherwise, an Attorney can help you avoid turning yourself in to the jail, and make the process easier for you.

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The Keates Law Firm has over 16+ Years Experience handling criminal defense cases. Our focus is to try and have the case dismissed against you. We don't even discuss pleas until all legal and negotiation options have been explored in detail.

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