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Walkthrough Process in Austin, Travis County

Active Arrest Warrant in Travis County? Don't Turn Yourself In!

I have a warrant for my arrest but don't want to go to jail. What should I do?


A walkthrough is a local term in Travis County, pertaining to the process by which an arrest warrant is cleared by an attorney or lawyer. This allows a person to stay out of jail while clearing a warrant, and allows the person to put money toward Attorney's Fees while clearing the warrant at the same time.

A Travis County Attorney can arrange to clear a warrant if they've been retained on the case in general. The Jail Release or Walkthrough Fee is included in the Attorneys Fees.

walkthroughs can take anywhere from an hour on a fast day, up to 6-8 hours on a busy day, depending on the wait times, 'magistration' (seeing a Judge at the Jail), on certain offenses, and day of the week.

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