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What are my options Clear an Arrest Warrant from Austin or Travis County?


If you have an active Arrest Warrant in Austin or Travis County, the last thing you want to do is wait for officers to pick you up. They'll take you to jail, book you, and leave you in the general population until you can be release through bond, PR bond, or jail release.

The better alternative is to hire an attorney to conduct a walkthrough, which allows you to clear a warrant without going to jail.

Walkthroughs are offered by the Keates Law Firm at no extra charge, once your hire us to handle the case itself. We incorporate our costs and the walkthrough into our normal fees, saving you money.

So what is a Walkthrough? A walkthrough is a condensed version of the booking process. Find out more at our Walkthrough page.

Travis County Sheriff's Office Warrant Search

Travis County Sheriff's Office hosts and manages a separate warrant system from the Austin Police Department. Travis County Sheriff's Office warrants can range from class C tickets to felonies, depending on the case.

Austin Police Department Warrant Search

The Austin Police Department hosts and manages a separate warrant system from the Travis County Sheriff's Office. Austin Police Department warrants can range from class C tickets to felonies, depending on the case.

Austin Municipal Court, Downtown Community Court , & Justice of the Peace Warrants

The Austin Municipal Court hosts and manages a separate warrant system from both the Austin Police Department and the Travis County Sheriff's Office; however, most warrants that arrive at the Municipal Court for tickets or cases handled there may be available through the Austin PD Warrant Search.

Complicating matters is the fact that a warrant may be issued for a Class C misdemeanor from any of the Justice of the Peace Precincts. Travis County has five -- as well as a downtown Community Court.

bail bonds in Texas? What are they?

Bail and Bond in Texas essentially refers to the same concept: allowing a person out of jail or custody in exchange for putting up either money or items with value. The idea is that a person will actually show up in Court to face the charges if they have a significant interest at stake. In Texas, bonds are set in several ways:

Personal Bonds -??Generally if the arrested individual qualifies under certain Pre-Trial Services rules, then they will be released on a Personal Recognizance Bond. The arrestee will have to pay a "bond fee" once released and they may also be required to comply with other conditions as required by the judge on pre-trial release.??

Cash Bonds -??This means you post the full amount of the bond via a cashiers check or money order with the County Sheriff. You are likely to obtain a refund of the bond, less certain statutory administrative fees, once the case is completed, but can be forfeited if you fail to appear in court.??

Surety Bonds ??? A bail bond company with the help of an approved bondsman posts these bonds.

Amount of Bail

Texas Law provides Judges and Magistrates the authority to set bail, based on several items. Article 17.15 of the Texas Penal Code lists that the amount of bail to be required in any case is to be regulated by the following rules:

  • 1. The bail shall be sufficiently high to give reasonable assurance of being complied.
  • 2. The power to require bail is not to be so used as to make it an instrument of oppression.
  • 3. The nature of the offense and the circumstances under which it was committed are to be considered.
  • 4. The ability to make bail is to be regarded, and proof may be taken upon this point.
  • 5. The future safety of a victim of the alleged offense and the community shall be considered.

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