4th Amendment: Search of Bags Legality of Police Searches and Seizures in Texas

4th Amendment Guide to Searches of Belongings, Backpacks, Bags

Often individuals travel with a bag, purse, or backpack, even when just leaving the home for a few hours. The 4th amendment protects against the unreasonable search of an individual's property, including bags and purses, however, in some situations law enforcement can search bag, backpacks, purses, and other belongings without a warrant.

There is no separate exception that allows officers to search a bag or belongings, however, coupled with the other exceptions to the fourth amendment listed on this site, officers have many options as to how to search without a warrant.

What You Need To Know

Upon probable cause, an officer may search an individual or his/her belongings located within close proximity, without a warrant. As stated in the other sections, on Search Incident to Arrest, officers may search bags. If probable cause is present during an auto search, law enforcement may search the entire car, including locked compartments such as the glove box, center console, or trunk. Any personal locked contained therein can also be searched, including briefcases and bags. If a purse is left open, and a marijuana pipe is visible in it, then the officer may search using Plain View Exceptions to the 4th amendment warrant requirement.

Drug cases, or Possession of Controlled Substance (POCS) are one of the most numerous types of offenses in Travis County that involve searches. Many times, drugs are not found in a person's pockets -- they are found in a backpack, or under a car seat, or in a room shared by many people.

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Jail Release and Bond for Illegal Search Cases

The determination of whether a search and seizure is legal is made by the Judge. Unfortunately, the Judge that an arrested person sees in jail (the magistrate) is not the Judge who will determine that issue. It can take months to get and review discovery, and to set a formal Suppression Hearing with the Court. The problem then, is getting out of jail quickly, to allow for time to review and set that hearing.

Keates Law Firm can act quickly to assist with a personal bond to release that person. Be sure to read more about Bond, Personal Bonds, and Travis County Jail Releases.

Work with an Experienced Illegal Search Attorney

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