Sealing Juvenile Records in Travis County

Learn How to Seal Your Juvenile Record

Sealing Your Juvenile Record in Texas

Will my Juvenile Record be Sealed when I turn 18? How can I Seal a Juvenile Record in Texas?


This refers to Automatic Restriction of Access to Juvenile Records, and there's not a clear cut answer. In addition to the opportunity to have Juvenile records sealed and destroyed under the Texas Family Code, in Texas, when an individual reaches 21 yeard of age, access to juvenile records may be automatically restricted, if you do not commit criminal offenses after becoming 17 years of age.

Automatic Restriction of Access to Records. Under automatic restriction of access to records, a minor's criminal offense and arrest records is not destroyed or sealed. Instead, the juvenile's arrest records are filed under restricted access, meaning they are available only to criminal justice agencies for criminal justices purposes.

For all other inquiries, be it future employment or scholarships for education, the possessing agency of the records is required to reply that the juvenile records do not exist. A person with juvenile records that have been automatically restricted can legally deny arrest, prosecution, or adjudication for a crime.

How does a Juvenile???s Records become eligible for Restricted Access? For restricted access to take place, no action is required. No petition needs to be filed, since the process occurs automatically at age 21, IF:

  • since your 17th birthday, you have not Committed a felony or a Class A or B misdemeanor; or Received deferred adjudication for or been convicted in adult court of a Class A or B misdemeanor or a felony.
  • This means that Automatic Restriction of Access to Records is ONLY AVAILABLE IF you remain free from committing a crime after turning 21.

What records are not eligible for Restricted Access?

The only juvenile records that are not eligible for automatic restricted access are cases that were:

  • Handled as determinate sentence cases by the juvenile court;
  • Certified (transferred) to adult criminal court to be handled in the same manner as adult cases; or
  • Prosecuted in justice or municipal court.

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