Overview of Expunctions in Texas

Many times people commit crimes at either a young age, when indiscretion is abundant, or during difficult times in life. Perhaps long ago, a bad week, month, or even year resulted in a drug possession charge -- a crime that seems from a different life. Many people change and grow after committing a crime, yet their past criminal history still rears its ugly head during job interviews, promotions, or bank loans. This can be the case ten, fifteen, even thirty years down the road.

Only offenses that have been Dismissed can be cleared or expunged from an individual's record via either expunction or an order of non-disclosure. For general purposes, such as applying for jobs, the arrest or crime will not appear on a background check, however there are limitations.

For instance, DWI charges cannot be offered Deferred Adjudication, and many sex crimes and serious or violent felonies may have restrictions as well. But if you have an arrest or low-level Dismissal from years ago, chances are you may be able to clear and expunge your criminal record and move on with your life.

The law, via orders of non disclosure or expunction is set up to reward those who have moved beyond past criminal law transgressions and offenses to lead productive lives as part of society. If that describes you, contact the Law Offices of Robert Keates to determine whether you are eligible for an Expunction.

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