Travis County Expunction Costs and Fees

Expunction Costs and Fees

What are the Expunction Costs and Fees

What are the costs associated with clearing my Texas Criminal Record?


Primarily, there are the attorney fees, to research, write, and argue your Petition for Expunction, Motion for Non Disclosure, or Sealing your Record.

Second, there are filing fees, which are fees charged by the local Clerk's Office to file your Petitition. Depending on the motion and the county, these fees can range from $360-$415 (As of 2014). The filing fee is payed to the County Clerk's Office.

Then, you have the Costs, such as copies (some Expunctions require dozens of copies to made made of the Petition, which is nearly 20 pages), and other costs your lawyer may have. (although we charge only a flat rate for representation that includes everything on our end, except the filing fee and criminal history reports).

Lastly, you'll have upfront costs to obtain your DPS criminal history, which is required before your Lawyer can write the petition. The DPS report typical ranges from $30-$35.

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