Travis County Expunction after Dismissal

Expunction after Dismissal in Travis County

Eligibility for Expunction after Dismissal

Why do I need an Expunction if my Case was Dismissed?


In Texas, any type of arrest can find it's way onto your Criminal Record. Texas DPS tracks arrest data, and actually sells the information to private businesses that then supply the public with your personal information.

Even if your case was dismissed, the public can still view the citation or arrest, the court proceeding data, and the outcome. The disposition on your case will be listed as: Dismissed, but that can still raise serious issues when appearing on your background check.

Criminal Arrests, even if dismissed, can result in:

  • Potential Job Loss
  • Difficulties Finding Employment
  • Problems Keeping Jobs
  • Loan Applications Declines
  • Mortgage Refinancing Issues
  • Prohibitions from Attending your Children's School Activities.

If you want to see how potential employers view your history, purchase a Commercial or a DPS criminal history report. That way, you can see which offenses may show up. For an Official DPS Criminal History Report, visit Our Expunction Page.

So if you case was dismissed, it's best to take advantage of the current Texas laws to Expunge your old offenses, and destroy the records.

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