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Can I Clear my Criminal Record?

I have an arrest or conviction in Texas. How can I clear my Criminal Record?


In Texas, any type of arrest can find it's way onto your Criminal Record. Texas DPS tracks arrest data, and actually sells the information to private businesses that then supply the public with your personal information.

As long as you avoid a final conviction on your case, you have options to either destroy, clear, seal, or shield your record.

Expunctions allow for your Criminal Record to be destroyed, effectively clearing all Texas Agencies that have the files, including DPS, Courts, Police Stations, and Prosecutor's Offices.

Motions for Non Disclosure are geared toward Criminal Offenses that have been dismissed through successful Deferred Adjudication.

If your offense or arrest occurred when you were 17 or under, you may be eligible to seal your criminal record for the Juvenile Offenses.

Lastly, even if you suffered a conviction, you still have a chance to clear your criminal record. Through a Texas Governor's Pardon, if granted, you can then apply for an Expunction.

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