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DWI v. Public Intoxication

If I'm buzzed, is it better to walk or drive home?


This is a no brainer: walk home. It is always better to walk than drive. Not only is driving while intoxicated inherently more dangerous, but a DWI arrest carries with it far more severe consequences than a Public Intoxication Arrest.

Put simply, a Public Intoxication arrest means a night in jail, and at most $500 in fines, although most Courts will give an opportunity to have the case dismissed.

A DWI is at least a Class B misdemeanor, and carries with it a minimum of a night in jail, and potentially more unless you can bond out. You'll potentially (if found guilty) have Classes, Probation, Fines, Fees, a Conviction on your record, three years of DPS surcharges, license suspensions, and more.

The best option is to either have a designated driver or have several Taxi Cab numbers ready in your cell phone. This will avoid you driving and risking a DWI, and will reduce the chances of an officer observing drunken behavior on the street.

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